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We started this business because we love combining math and technology to solve hard, real-world problems.

Remember the “story” problems from math class that had you extract the problem from the narrative and then solve it? That’s what we do.

We listen to your story, extract facts from your data, and apply principles of mathematics and computer science to develop solutions that can be put into practice either via custom software or changes in business processes. As a company, we have experience solving problems and deploying solutions in nearly every major industry vertical.

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Led by humans who enjoy math:

Tyler Foxworthy

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler is a data scientist, entrepreneur and investor. He has spent his career applying mathematics in pursuit of solutions to complex business problems via leadership roles in finance, medical device, management consulting, and marketing technology.

Ken Miller

Chief technology Officer

Ken has over 25 years of experience developing teams focused on growth and innovation. His passion is developing teams where people are empowered and learn how to lead; helping them to understand the connection between personal growth, innovation, and high performance.

Zach Cardwell

Chief data scientist

Zach is a data scientist experienced at developing scalable solutions to real business problems. He has worked in industries as diverse as health care, government, marketing, logistics, and real estate.

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